Monday, January 3, 2011


Donna Simpson, who is at 46 stone (296kg) the heaviest woman on earth, on Saturday tucked into the world's biggest Christmas dinner.She ate two huge turkeys, two maple glazed hams, 15 pounds of potatoes and 20 pounds of mixed veg swimming in four pints of gravy. She found room for a dessert of ambrosia salad.

Donna, 43, who is 5ft 2ins and wears a dress size XXXXXXL, said:The festive season is a time to eat, drink and be merry. I eat as much as I want but at this time of the year I really go all out. Christmas should give you carte Blanche to do whatever you want. People who feel guilty about eating are hilarious.
On Saturday she spent two hours eating while her three-year-old-daughter Jacqueline and son Devin, 14, enjoyed a more modest roast. She said after wards "It's not Christmas if you don't feel stuffed at lunch."

Donna is frustrated that she can't eat more as she aims to up her weight to 71 stone in a bid to smash her current Guinness world record. Her doctor warned her that she will die if she continues her quest. She said, everybody says I'm sick........people stare at me. But I'm a good mum. It's fun to overeat and I am proud to say I do. "

Donna And Her Daughter Jacqueline

Donna and her kids


மங்களூர் சிவா said...

பாவம் இந்த லேடியோட பசங்க எல்லாம் ஒல்லிப்பிச்சானா இருக்காங்களே????


sweet girl's diary said...

ஹா ஹா ஹா
ரொம்ப நகைசுவைஆ இருகுதப்பா.

அந்த லெடி ஒட பொன்னுதான் இன்னும் ஒல்லியா இருக்கா.

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