Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Karate Kid

We went to 'THE KARATE KID' on 3rd July. The movie was very nice.

This story is about a 12 Year-old boy Dre Parker (Jaden Smith), who moves to China with his Mother. He went to a school the next day near his house where his Senior fights with him for no reason.He got hurt badly.He wanted to learn Kung fu in a nice place,but the senior who had fought with him was learning Karate there.He had no idea except to leave the thought of learning kung fu.Suddenly when a serviceman(Jackie Chan) fights with the senior of Dre Parker.Dre Parker wanted to learn Kung fu with him.The senior and Dre Parker take a challenge for the tournament of karate.

Mr. Haun (Jackie Chan) teaches him Kung Fu starting from removing and wearing the Jacket.He teaches that everything is Kung Fu.He gets irritated by removing and wearing the Jacket.Mr.Haun(Jackie Chan)shows the place where a snake can imitate a woman in Kung Fu.The teacher he can never forget.

At last with hard work he wins the tournament of Karate with his Senior.See the trailor down:


Jeeves said...

Hey ammu. Good review da chellam. I liked it. keep writing

sweet girl's diary said...

Thanks uncle.