Sunday, February 7, 2010


On 5Th Feb all the children of our Pallavi school got student's edition of
Times of India. Glad to see it has been edited by our beloved
principle mam,teachers and co students.

Here a review from the edition.

Our principle Manju Gupta mam is editing.

Students editing the issue with Vice principle Sunir Nagi mam.

The head mistress of PALLAVI MODEL SCHOOL Mrs.Padma Singh mam's article
about "Having Positive Faith" gives us more positive energy.

There was an interview with our respected chairman Mr.Komariah sir who is also the chairman of Shalivahana group of companies. This interview was taken by a student of
Pallavi, Sanjana Nagi and the ex Head boy Sai Chaitanya and Padma Singh mam.

In the School Report "The Pallavi Merry-go-round" tells us about
the reading sessions to school outing and teacher's workshops.

A.s Apoorva a student of class 9Th has written about different
ethnic groups, varied cultures and different languages offers
vivid colours in Indian wedding ceremonies.

Article about Saree's was written by a student of 10Th class, Mahathi.A.

It is very cheerful to see our school's special edition of
Times of India.