Sunday, November 22, 2009


My 1st riddle

There is an apartment and in all the floors there is gold. There are 20 floors. A thief came to this apartment and went to floor no1,no2,no3,no4,no5,no6,no7,no8,no9,no10,no11,no12,no13,no14,no15,no16,no18,no19 and at last to no20..Why did he not go to the floor no17?????????????

Ans:put no17 upside down :Lion



There is a pineapple tree,orange tree,lemon tree and an ICE near it and behind the trees there is gold. a thief came and wanted to steal all those gold but he ran away ................Why????????

ans:pineapple tree :P
orange tree :O
lemon tree :L
ICE :E=police



there is an old lady and her home.near her home are full electric shocks.Next there is a hospital and then a flower shop.........

this old lady wants to go to the flower shop .How will she go?if she goes out she will get shock,wat should she do??????????????????????

ans:This old lady go to till the hospital, she has got shock also but here she has come to the hospital so they will give treatment and she will go to the flower shop in a wheel chair........................

So how are my riddles and their answers.

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sweet girl's diary said...

these riddles are very FUNNY.